Altar Servers

Phone: 905-712-1200

At these meetings, the altar servers learn about and practise various Mass-related duties, especially before important solemntities. Altar servers are also involved in discussions of Catholic philosophy and biblical history. New altar servers are welcome and should speak with Fr. Nowicki.

Eucharistic Ministers

Phone: 905-712-1200

Eucharistic Ministers are selected by the Pastor to assist at Mass through the distribution of Holy Communion. They should maintain a strong faith and an inclusiveness of others as the foundation for their ministry.


Responsible: Ed Bajus

Proclaiming the Word of God at every Mass is the privilege of the Lectors. The Sunday readings are both from the Old Testament and from the letters in the New Testament. Lectors also may lead the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass.

  To view the Lector Schedule for 2017, please click here.


Responsible: Ted Golla Jr.

The Ushers help to keep order before, during and after Mass. They greet people upon their arrival, they help find them a good seat when the church is full, they pass around the collection baskets, and distribute the Parish bulletin after Mass. They also try to involve parishioners in bringing up the gifts at the offertory and at times, they do so themselves.

  To view the Usher Schedule for 2017, please click here.