Holy Rosary Society

Responsible: Ed Bajus

The members of this society (19 Roses – 285 members) pray the rosary daily in Roses and in church before Masses, provide refreshments for parishioners in the Parish Hall after the Sunday Mass and organize fundraising activities. Money raised from these actvities are used to support the parish and to organize pilgrimages and religious tours.

Youth Group

Responsible: Mario Brazina

A group of young people, who meet together to pray, talk and spend some time, prepare ski trips and help the parish organize various events, such as the St. Nicholas Party and the All Saints Party.

Family Gatherings

Phone: 905-712-1200

Parents participate in a structured discussion on an agreed theme under the leadership of a priest while their children are involved in various supervised activities.

Cenacles of the Marian Movement

Responsible: Stefania Drabova

Prayer meetings based on the “Blue Book” of the Cenacles of Marian Movement by the priest Stefano Gobi. Groups, praying in Slovak and English, meet weekly.